São Miguel Island - 'The Green island'

São Miguel is the largest and most populated island of the Azores archipelago as well as the home to the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of the Azores. With 62.1 km in length and 15.8 km at its maximum width. The island covers 760 km2 (290 sq mi) and has around 140,000 inhabitants, with 70,000 of these people resident in the largest city in the archipelago: Ponta Delgada.
Together with Santa Maria, located 81 km away, São Miguel is part of the Eastern Group of the Azores Archipelago. With an altitude of 1,105 m, Pico da Vara is the island’s highest point located at 37°48’34’’ latitude north and 25°12’40’’ longitude west.
S. Miguel's diverse scenery is a pleasant awakening to visitors, with beautiful natural volcanic pools, lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills, rugged mountain tracks, green plains and blue Atlantic ocean.

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