Azores Airlines

SATA Air Açores is an airline based in São Sebastião, Ponta Delgada in the autonomous archipelago of the Azores, Portugal. It operates scheduled passenger, cargo and mail services around the Azores. It provides its own maintenance and handling services and manages four regional airports. Its main base is at João Paulo II Airport, Ponta Delgada. It also maintains a subsidiary for mid- and long-haul flights, Azores Airlines, the former SATA International.

The new Azores Airlines brand image and new logo utilises the tail fin of a whale, a distinct symbol of the Azores, as the region is currently one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world.

The Grupo SATA brand image and logo utilises the symbol of the "açor" or goshawk which was thought to have been the bird found circling the islands of the Azores when Portuguese sailors first discovered the archipelago.

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